Irctc Aadhar Card Madatory for Online Ticket Booking

By | September 17, 2016

After a big discussion about to make Adhar Card mandatory in IRCTC ticket booking system or not, now ended with the decision by supreme court that Adhar Card is now compulsory to book IRCTC tickets. From this December onwards Indian citizen will not be able to book tickets without aadhar card no alternative ways are there to book a ticket.

This is a major association between IRCTC and Aadhar which will force Indian citizen to have aadhar card. Aadhar Card is Indian citizen’s identification that every Indian citizen must have to prove their nationality, the previous report shows that 96% of Indian population already registered and have their Adhar card now this approach of Aadhar card compulsion in train ticket booking will definitely increase this percentage.


Irctc Aadhar card madatory online booking

With many means Indian government trying people to aware about the necessity of Aadhar Card for which Digital India approach playing the lead role, most secure cloud storage platform Digital locker is one of them and now this approach of compulsion of aadhar in ticket booking will lead Indian citizen to compulsorily have aadhar card. Lakhs of people travel by Indian railway every day and every Indian citizen travel by train once in their lifetime this is a very smart step taken by the Indian government to let people aware of the importance of Adhar Card.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu doing really well in the transformation of Indian railway he has taken a number of reforms in his working cycle in the favour commuters. For the convince of commuters, they divided this massive campaign into three major stages.

Here with this article, you will detailed answer of all How, Why, Whats that are running in your mind. First, let’s get into deep that How will it work?

What are the three stages involved?

To make this approach of Adhar card linkage with IRCTC ticket booking system functional this campaign has divided into three stages

The first stage will cover concession category i.e. the group of Indian citizens who demand discounts in railway fare which include quota reservation like the senior citizen, handicapped, army, sports etc. have to link their aadhar card to get discounted railway tickets.

In the second stage government will mandated Adhar card in all forms of ticket booking systems i.e. counter railway tickets and new booking via IRCTC Login Page to official website have to enter their adhar card number for booking tickets in Indian railway.

In the third stage or the final stage will cover all form of ticker i.e even unreserved tickets would be mandated to have aadhar card of traveling wth Indian railway. With this final stage, they will enforce 100% compliance of the order.

For the verification of tickets, TC or ticket collector will be equipped with a handheld device which contains all details of commuter’s adhar card with a photo identity. In any case failure of details match will results in a big penalty or deboarding of commuters from the train.

This major step has been taken under the expansion of Aadhar card that will increase the security of Indian citizens and to stop fraud and impersonating of people while giving discounts and concessions in ticket fare. As per the data due to this Indian railway has to face losses as according to report for example if railway spends 100rs. of the citizen, it gets back only 57Rs. Rest of the money spent in giving concessions.

This approach of Indian government of mandatory linkage of Aadhar Card to travel by train will definitely bring big positive change for Indian railway as well as Indian citizens that will make our system more transparent and secure as well.

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