Cash on Delivery Payment Option: A Innovative Step in India Railway History

By | July 9, 2015

IRCTC is known for it’s splendid services of Indian railway ticketing. With time things changes everything turns into digital, now you may book tickets online within few seconds. Those days have gone when you have to stand in long queue of people for ticket booking, sometime I got afraid by a bad dream when I stand in a long queue but when my chance had come and admin shows me a message board that shows “booking are closed”. But thank to almighty people who invented things to make our lives more easy and convenient.

For the first time in the history of Indian railway IRCTC Login incorporate a new strand that offers cash of delivery payment option to buy railway ticket, will available due to IRCTC’s partnership with



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This COD (Cash On Delivery) option gives a new way to railway ticketing system. As with the great success of online shopping we can see a vivid picture in past year that what potential Indian consumer market have. 60% of E-commerce transaction done wish COD payment option, people prefer to use cash on delivery options because some people still find it risky to reveal their card details online to buy product or services. Another reason for preferred payment option of Cash on delivery is as I mentioned about my awful dream another method of booking ticket takes time which causes changes in the status of seat availability.

IRCTC launches COD services by thinking about large mass of India who don’t have any kind online payment service like credit card, debit card or internet banking option or find inconvenience to use these payment option it prove to be a big hindrance for using these online that’s why the expected benefits of COD payment option is to persuade people to move from railway reservation counter to online and saving cost which incurred on reaching at the reservation counter and standing in a long queue of hours. Delivering tickets at doorsteps of consumers is a great idea of IRCTC to help people in many ways and make their railway experience more delightful.

Its a great news for people to travel frequently but found difficult to book tickets with other booking option. Initially This service will available in 200 cities of India. will be the first website which offers the COD option booking railway tickets it will prove to be a revolutionary step in the India railway ticket booking system. In addition To making it more convenient bookmytrain introduce a mobile application by this person can easily and directly book railway tickets with Cash on delivery option. Also get more info about Pnr status .

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