How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket – Cancellation Charges and Rules

By | August 13, 2016

Here is a complete guide of how to cancel Tatkal Ticket, or Irctc E-Ticket cancellation. Booking Ticket from Irctc Railway Board is not an easy task. In fact, people get a lot of problems and efforts while booking and cancelling the tickets with simple Tatkal IRCTC Login and many of them have question in there mind that can we cancel tatkal ticket, then ans is YES. If you are looking for tatkal ticket cancellation, so you are at the right platform where you will get the complete information about the cancellation process of IRCTC Tickets. Also get tatkal ticket cancellation charges, rules and refunds.

The most important thing you must know before the cancellation of the conforms Tatkal Ticket, that you won’t get tatkal ticket refund back after cancelling it. But if you are not able to undertake your journey for some reason, then you may still do it. This process ensures, passengers who are in waiting list can be confirmed and they could come out from the tension of waiting ticket at the last moment of their journey. If you didn’t cancel your ticket then there is no right to the TTE to a lot your birth to anyone by paying money. We at IRCTC ( are always ready to serve you guys better in providing solution of How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket?

Railway Ticket Cancelling is a simple process which can be done online for e-tickets in Indian Website. If its a Tatkal ticket then Checkout our step by step procedure of rail ticket cancellation. IRCTC has provided the opportunity of irctc e ticket cancellation online. The offline procedure requires a lot of time and effort to stay in a queue and wait for your number to reach to the railway ticket counter. If you have booked your ticket online then you can’t cancel it offline. To cancel you must go through the IRCTC cancel ticket procedure that could be easy for you. By just following some steps you can cancel your tickets.

Procedure for Cancellation of Irctc E-Tickets cancellation policy

E-Tickets can be wiped out on Internet irctc ticket cancellation policy which quite easy to handle. The policy says that user may cancel their ticket only before the chart preparation. E-tickets are not allowed to cancel irctc ticket at the face to face ticket counter. In the event that the client is looking for railway ticket cancellation e-Ticket, he can do it very in a quick and easy manner. For instance if the train schedule is on twelve noon, then the chart preparation is completed at the earlier night.

Online tatkal ticket cancellation – step by step procedure:

  1. Irctc Sign in to
  2. Go to “Booked Tickets” option.
  3. Select the tickets that you want to cancel
  4. Now select the passenger for whom you wish to cancel the railway ticket.
  5. Now click on Cancel Ticket Button.
  6. That’s it your tickets are cancelled. You will receive a message that “Your Ticket with PNR number is cancelled. Your Refund will be processed soon.

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