IRCTC Destination Wake Up Alarm Alert for Passengers on their Mobile

By | December 17, 2016

IRCTC have launched a new system for its passengers. Have you ever worried about missing your station? Maybe you might be worried sometimes because your station arrives at early morning or may be in the middle of the night when you are not able to wake up. If you have also been through this problem of missing your station don’t worry IRCTC have launched a new way to get rid of this problem.

The concept is that as with IRCTC Alarm your destination will be stored with them so they will give you a wake-up call before 30 minutes of your destination. This call will be a train destination alert call for all the people whose station is going to arrive.



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IRCTC Register

The passenger just needs adds the following for getting a wake-up call-

  • PNR number
  • Station code
  • STD code

Giving these details the passenger will get a wake-up call at 30 minutes.

The official will check the details that are provided by the passenger and then will set a wake-up call for the respective passenger according to their PNR status.

Likewise, they will also check the tolls and correct time of the train accordingly you can also order dinner on 139.

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