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By | December 24, 2016

For train passengers one optional facility has been started. A type of insurance facility started by IRCTC this September where passengers while booking train ticket can get a travel insurance with just an amount of rupee 1. Passengers need to pay the premium and this premium is not less than rupee 10 /ticket.

Railways are in a full-fledged mood to start a scheme by giving a tender to three insurance companies for the same. The railway board has approved the IRCTC travel insurance tender.

The insurance premium is the premium that has to be paid by the passenger for the travel insurance policy. This premium is actually the income of the travel insurance company. This gives the coverage of the claims that are being made by him against the policy.

IRCTC travel insurance also offers a compensation of 10 lakh rupee in case of some disability or death of a person.

In case of  Death Rs. 10,00,000
In case of permanent disability Rs. 10,00,000
Permanent partial disability Rs. 7,50,000

 Hospitalization expenses for Injury

Rs. 2,00,000

Transportation of mortal remains Rs. 10,000

According to the above classification the following are the amounts given to them in case of train accident.


IRCTC Travel Insurance Coverage

IRCTC Travel Insurance Coverage

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What does actually train accident means?

  1. When there is some work going on railways, and two trains collide out of which one train may be carrying passengers or derailment occurs. Where a part of train gets affected
  2. When an incident takes place to any part of train between the departing stations to the arriving station.

The insurance is uniform for all classes of people.

Features and benefits of IRCTC travel insurance:

The insurance facility is beneficial for the passengers for the following reasons-

  • This travel insurance is available only to those passengers who are doing online booking only. This facility soon will also be available to people who do bookings through ticket counters.
  • This scheme is optional so passengers who want this scheme can take it and who do not have an option to not to.
  • This year will be a testing year for such schemes and this will last only for a year.
  • The insurance scheme is similar and available for each class.
  • To get benefits of this insurance the online booking should be done from official website of IRCTC only.
  • The premium of the IRCTC website is also low.
  • The insurance will cover all the train passengers if multiple seats have been booked.
  • The premium will not be refunded in case of cancellation of tickets.
  • The premium depends upon the distance between the arrival and the departure station and also the duration of the journey.

IRCTC travel insurance covering:

  • This travel insurance covers people of any class this is not restricted for a particular class.
  • Passengers above 5 years age or are of 5 years are also covered with this insurance.
  • If a person faces an injury during travelling vikalp trains will be available and the insurance will also be covered.
  • In case of death or permanent disability the person will be given the amount as mentioned in the above table.
  • For hospitalization purpose also people will be given a claim of rupee two lakhs
  • For the transportation of dead body or mortals the claim is up to thousand rupee
  • The insurance claimed will be covered within a duration of 4 months.
  • The insurance company will send the money to the respective person within 15 days when the claim is made.

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